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A wood-lined pool set in the natural surroundings of Madeira

A wood-lined pool set in the natural surroundings of Madeira

Discover the potential of integrating a luxury swimming pool featuring a vertically movable floor into the modern exterior of design projects in our other reference articles. In this article, we aim to introduce an alternative pool solution incorporating a movable floor and explore additional choices associated with this design feature.

Located on the terrace of a family villa near Funchal in Madeira, this pool stands out from our other projects with vertically movable floors due to its unique cladding. Unlike typical installations with natural stone or tiles, the terrace here is clad with wood, providing a seamless connection between the residential space and the surrounding nature. This design choice not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also preserves the character of the location, offering a picturesque view of the exquisite Madeiran landscape.

To maintain coherence, the pool’s interior also features wooden cladding, chosen by the owner for its compatibility with the surroundings. The use of wood does not compromise the pool’s usability, maintenance, or water treatment. However, careful consideration is required for the cleaning and long-term maintenance of the wooden cladding. The convenience of maintenance is facilitated by the ability to fully lift the pool’s bottom, allowing the wooden cladding to dry thoroughly.

modern and practical pool with Aquafloors cover system

In this pool design, only the bottom is clad with wood, while the walls are tiled with ceramic tiles. The walls are equipped with lighting and niches to enhance child safety within the pool area. When the pool is raised, the floor surface seamlessly blends with the surrounding ground, creating a unified terrace space. This universal area can be utilized in various ways, always respecting the load-bearing capacity of the pool floor. Explore the advantages of a pool with a vertically movable floor in our dedicated article. If you envision a pool with a movable floor cover, our team can bring your vision to life with a customized approach. Contact us to discuss and create a pool tailored entirely to your preferences and needs.