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What is a Vertically Movable Pool Floor? A state-of-the-art and enduring technological innovation

In recent years, pools featuring this innovative floor design have gained significant popularity. The AQUAFLOORS movable pool floor stands out not only as a creative pool cover solution but also as a means to adjust the pool’s depth. Incorporating cutting-edge technologies, this movable pool cover presents a customizable pool experience tailored to the preferences of each household member.

What is a Vertically Movable Pool Floor? A state-of-the-art and enduring technological innovation

The AQUAFLOORS moving floor system is exceptionally safe, fully automated, and eliminates the need for manual handling. The operating concept of a vertically movable floor resembles that of an elevator installed in a swimming pool. Its movement is facilitated by a hidden hydraulic system under the floor. When the floor rises, water flows underneath it, and when it lowers, water rises upwards. The movable pool floor is made of durable 316L stainless steel and ensures robustness and strength while supporting a load capacity of 200 kg/m2 of the indoor pool. This capability enables regular utilization of the covered pool as an integrated terrace or living space. Although retrofitting an existing pool with a vertically movable floor is possible, we recommend that it be included in the design phase of the project and implemented during the construction of the new pool.

The primary advantage of a pool equipped with a vertically movable floor is its adjustable depth. This technologically advanced solution not only ensures maximum security but also allows for a range of depths, including a shallow area suitable for the youngest members of the household. When the pool is fully closed, the bottom rises to match the surrounding floor level, preventing accidental falls and creating a barrier-free space. Control over the movable pool floor can be exercised through a custom code or a mobile application, enabling users to save and easily adjust three different pool depth settings as needed.

One of the many benefits of a swimming pool featuring a movable floor is its minimalist design, seamlessly integrating with the terrace and preserving the pool’s aesthetics. A vertically movable pool cover introduces a subtle yet impactful element to the space, enhancing its modern design and emphasizing its contemporary character. As such, it proves to be an ideal solution for architectural designs in minimalist modern environments and contemporary households. A pool with a movable bottom provides versatile options for cladding, staircase design, and relaxation benches.