One-touch pool depth selection

Adjust the pool depth to suit your needs. Raise the pool bottom for your children to enjoy the pool or lower it when you want to swim yourself. Thanks to the movable floor you get a paddling, recreational and swimming pool all in one.

Once completely covered, the water pours under the floor, the pool closes completely and the bottom merges smoothly with the surrounding floor. The hydraulic system that controls the movable floor is located inside the walls and under the pool.

The automatic control makes handling the cover safe and very easy. You can also connect it to your smart home and control it from a mobile app.

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How do movable pool floors work?

Interactive photo of movable floor of swimming pool Interactive photo of movable floor of swimming pool
  • The movable floor is part of your pool
  • Its load-bearing capacity is up to 150 kg/m 2
  • The pool floor has the same lining as the terrace
  • Expands the space for furnishing a terrace or living area
  • A movable floor allows you to choose any pool depth
  • To cover the pool, it rises to the level of the surrounding floor
  • As the floor rises, the pool water flows underneath it
  • The sliding floor system is fully automated

Variability – Safety – Exclusive design

Treat yourself to a luxury lifestyle with AQUAFLOORS. The breathtaking design, functional technology and safety of a vertically movabe pool floor allow you to make the most of the space you have available. At the touch of a button, you can hide the pool from a view immediately. This useful and practical system allows you to completely cover the water surface, thus extending your terrace or other area - yes, the movable floor is also suitable for an indoor pool.

A movable pool floor is a stylish and aesthetically pleasing solution for the modern home or commercial spa. It can be implemented in any size, shape or type of pool. It offers a wide range of architectural solutions such as different designs of pool stairs, ladders or benches. Although it is possible to incorporate a movable floor into an already built pool, it is an even better idea to consider its presence in advance and to implement it together with a new pool. We will be happy to carry out the entire project for you, including installing the pool with movable floor cover, and all within our IMAGINOX group of companies.