Don't decide between a terrace and a pool, have both

The type of pool floor is one of the important decisions to make during pool planning. AQUAFLOORS offers solutions to efficiently use the terrace or garden space for a swimming pool and social activities at the same time. Pool floors from AQUAFLOORS represent a luxurious and practical solution in the form of automatic movable floors.

Characterised by their exclusive design and innovative technological features, they are the premium choice for your pool. From a practical point of view, an AQUAFLOORS pool floor extends the usable space of your terrace, helps maintain the cleanliness and temperature of the pool water and greatly assists in the long-term maintenance of the pool.


Types of movable floors

Vertically movable floor

The vertically movable floor is an elegant minimalist solution as it is simply part of your pool. It allows you to set any depth in the pool or, by raising the bottom to the level of the surrounding floor, to completely cover the pool and thus extend the area of your terrace. The load capacity of the floor is 150 kg/m2 thanks to which the space of the covered pool can be used for example for garden furniture, a barbecue or other equipment.


  • Security
  • Accessibility
  • Full architectural flexibility
  • Exclusive design
  • Custom production

Horizontally movable floor

The horizontally movable terrace not only creates space for pool loungers, but is itself part of your garden. It serves both as a pool roof and as a terrace floor. The load-bearing capacity of the sliding terrace is up to 150 kg/m2, thus enabling versatile use. When you want to go for a swim, you simply slide the terrace floor and all the equipment aside to access the pool area.


  • Security
  • Natural design
  • Custom production
  • Simple handling
  • Luxury addition to your garden


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