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What is a Horizontally Movable Pool Floor? Luxury solution for your terrace

The horizontally movable terrace by AQUAFLOORS offers a timeless solution for your relaxation area. This inventive structure enables you to merge the advantages of a swimming pool with the sociable ambiance of a terrace, eliminating the need to choose between the two. Now, you no longer have to decide between having a swimming pool or a garden terrace.

What is a Horizontally Movable Pool Floor? Luxury solution for your terrace

If you’re contemplating whether to install a swimming pool or a terrace in your garden, opting for a sliding terrace pool covering system allows you to have both. The movable terrace creates space for garden furniture while concealing a pool underneath. When closed at floor level, the movable terrace prevents water from cooling, while the design of the cover directs rainwater away from the pool, keeping it protected.

The incorporation of a horizontally movable floor is applicable to both newly constructed and existing pools. When opting for a movable terrace, you have the flexibility to choose any preferred wood cladding material, allowing seamless integration of the pool covering with the aesthetic of your current terrace. This adaptability facilitates the integration of the movable terrace with various pool types, sizes, and their surroundings. Operating the movable terrace is simple, with full automation and movement along small embedded tracks to ensure unobstructed pathways. The terrace system is compatible with smart home technology, enabling convenient control through a mobile phone.

The key advantage of pool covering with a horizontally movable floor lies in its enhanced safety features. The terrace is equipped with locks to secure it in both open and closed positions. The automated mechanism locks it securely after opening or closing, and manual movement is restricted. When the cover is closed, there is no direct contact with the water surface. The movable terrace serves as a complete seal, safeguarding your children and pets from accidental falls into the pool.

You have the flexibility to select from various opening directions to optimize the solution for your space. While the cover typically moves across the pool’s width, alternatives include having it move along the pool’s length or dividing the cover into two sections that separate. The cover operates on small, recessed rails in the ground, ensuring they do not obstruct your path when walking on it.